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Come Sail with Us

Updated: May 8, 2022

Our healers are in turmoil. They are burned out and suicidal. This turmoil is rippling out into in our communities. There is now a shortage of healers. There is not enough to go around. They are leaving our communities. They are leaving their profession. They have forgotten their purpose. They have forgotten their calling.

“Maybe itʻs like listening to that still small voice – that we have to have time to know ourselves and think inwardly and not to be so concerned with everyday affairs that we forget this place in our hearts thatʻs peaceful and loving and kind.” – Nona Beamer

There is a fishpond in ʻAiea; Loko Iʻa Pāʻaiau. It became hidden by overgrowth after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Fortunately, it has been rediscovered. Its restoration has unveiled a place of beauty and peace. Yet, in our hectic lives, many of us pass it every day and are not aware of its existence. But it is there, just as there is peace, love, and kindness within us. We can unlock that hidden place. We have the key. The key is aloha.

Aunty Pilahi Paki had a prophecy. She stated “The world will turn to Hawaiʻi as they search for world peace because Hawaiʻi has the key and the key is aloha.” She conveyed to us the true meaning of “ALOHA.” “A” for Akahai, kindness and grace, to be expressed with tenderness. “L” for Lokahi, unity and connection, to be express with harmony. “O” FOR ʻOluʻolu, agreeable and gentleness, to be expressed with pleasantness. “H” for Haʻahaʻa, humility and emptiness, to be expressed with modesty. “A” for Ahonui, patience and preparation, to be expressed with perseverance.

The loss of culture and identity has created anger amongst the Hawaiian people, just as with our healers. The Hawaiian Renaissance has helped to mitigate Hawaiian anger by uncovering their beauty, brilliance and value. Our healers need to have their own individual personal renaissance. They need to rediscover the peace and beauty within that are the foundation of the values that form the basis for their purpose and calling.

The power of the Hawaiian Fishpond was the blending of the nutrient rich stream and spring water runoff from the agricultural terraces with the salt water of the ocean which created a fertile nursery for marine life. Physicians are scientists but much can be gained by the blending of scientific knowledge with Hawaiian culture, values and knowledge. Hōkūleʻa navigator, Nainoa Thompson, blended his scientific knowledge with traditional Micronesian wayfinding teachings.

“Hōkūle’a is a needle sewing a lei of flowers around the world as an act of peace …” – Nainoa Thompson

“To live and share aloha as the backbone of the lei, that which holds the lei together.” – Pono Shim

Uncle Pono equated the teaching of the Aloha Response to the teaching of martial arts. It could not be learned by reading a book. It had to be practiced and lived in our daily lives. Like the Polynesian Voyaging Society, we need a canoe, a Hōkūleʻa, to carry us on our journey. We need a navigator, to guide us to our destination. And, we need a crew that is trained and fit.

The Higher Skills Academy was created by Uncle Pono to teach the principles of Aloha, the Aloha Response. A school can serve as our canoe. Navigators are available that are willing to share their knowledge. Our crew are the people that will achieve the change.

The Polynesian Voyaging Society has brought Aloha to the world. We can bring Aloha to our healers. We have our canoe and our navigators. What we need now is to train our crew. Will you join us? Hōkūleʻa was able to “Raise Havaiki from the sea.” Together we can embark on a journey to raise the peace and beauty within. Come sail with us.


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